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Family Law

We offer a wide range of family law services that can allow you to take control of your personal and familial relationships. Some of the most common family law matters include:

Divorce: What is a divorce? A divorce is the legal untying of a matrimonial bond that allows both parties to move forward in their own direction. More generally, a divorce is the process by which the court legally recognizes the end of a marriage or union between two people. You can file for a contested divorce or an uncontested divorce, depending on you and your spouse’s unique situation. During your divorce, you and your spouse can come to an agreement on the splitting up of assets and debt, spousal support payments, child custody, and child support. There are also special avenues available to both women and men who are victims of domestic violence and want to file for divorce.

Prenuptial Agreement: A prenuptial agreement, or more commonly known as a “prenup”, is an agreement between two potential spouses before their marriage. The prenuptial agreement is very misunderstood as being unromantic. Just as you would plan for your death with a will or a trust, the prenup allows you and your potential spouse to plan for your futures. The prenup allows both parties to come to an agreement and lay out in writing each of their rights and obligations to each other. The prenuptial agreement is made before the couple marries, and becomes effective upon marriage. Prenuptial agreements vary from couple to couple, but generally, the prenup details matters like the splitting of finances, debt obligations, child custody, and spousal support.

Separation Agreement: Although New Jersey does not legally recognize spousal separation, many couples choose to enter into a separation agreement before they contemplate divorce. A separation agreement is a way to maintain the status quo of the marriage. The agreement can define many facets of your new relationship with your spouse, including how you and your spouse will split assets and debt, where each spouse will live, and custody of any children and pets.

Name Change: In New Jersey, you can ask the court to legally change your name. There are many personal reasons that someone might want to change their name, but the most common reasons include marriage and divorce. Our family law attorneys can help you prepare, file, and finalize your name change.

Estate Planning Documents: Although estate planning can be thought of as its own area of the law, estate planning and family law are very intertwined. Estate planning is not just planning for your own future, but planning for your family’s future. Some of our estate planning services include preparation of the following documents: Last Will and Testament, Trusts, Health Care Directive (also known as an Advance Directive or Health Care Proxy), and Durable Power of Attorney. To learn about the basics of estate planning, read our What Is Estate Planning article.

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