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Landlord Tenant Law

Landlord Tenant Law and Property Law can cover a lot of different topics. The most common issues that we help our landlord tenant law clients with are evictions, security deposit returns, failure to pay rent, and lease review. Landlord tenant law matters can be very complex. Our New Jersey landlord attorneys and tenant attorneys can help guide you through your legal issue and help you find a resolution to your dispute.

For Tenants: We offer landlord and tenant law services specifically for tenants. These tenant-specific legal services start from the moment you receive your lease until the day you leave your property. Whether it is a residential lease or a commercial lease,  our tenant law services include review of your lease, failure to pay rent on time, evictions, and security deposit returns. For a general overview of common tenant issues, the State of New Jersey provides an online booklet about habitability issues. You can view it here.

For Landlords: Whether your property is residential or commercial, Ahmad Law’s landlord law services are available to help. We understand that being a landlord means more than just maintaining a business. It means maintaining a relationship with your tenants, and sometimes, the surrounding community. Our most common landlord services include the following: notice to vacate, tenant’s inability to pay rent, tenant evictions, and collections. We can also help you with creating a lease, reviewing a current lease, your landlord registration statement, notice to cease, and notice to vacate.

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